Introduction of this graduate institute Graduate Institute – an introduction

  This institute was authorized to set up in August 2008, and is located in the Kaohsiung and Pintung areas, places noted for their natural and humanistic landscape. The majority of the population hails from Fukien, China, other provinces, and the Hakka tribe, but there are also aborigines that have scattered in various places, as well as the clusters from the ever increasing foreign spouses from South-east Asian countries. Due to its diversified tribal and cluster features, it is considered to be unique . Taking diet as its study of cultural industry in Taiwan, this graduate institute will actively play the role of pioneering, so that this tradition can be considered as the most representative heritage of experience by our nationals, and open up a brand new vision for future study. Regarding the future, this graduate institute will continue its consistent and practical school management belief as it helps to scientifically prepare traditional local gourmet foods with expertise. As such, it will demonstrate the shaping functions of a heritage of diet culture, community construction, and cultural industry, and work to stimulate the diversified development of the tourism industry in Taiwan as well as enrich the quality of cultural life of our nationals.


« December 2019»


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